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5 Ways to Set Goals That Stick in 2019

Have you set your New Years resolutions or goals? It's something that most of us do as the New Year rolls around. However, by February, only a small percentage of us will still be focusing on reaching those goals. Think about January in the gym. It's typically packed with people trying to get in shape. After just a few weeks, the newbies start to fade off and within a month or two it's back to normal. Let's NOT be in that group that quits. Let's be in the percentage of people that keep working towards reaching their goals for the long haul!

Here's a few tips on how to do that:

1. Reflect on 2018. Before setting your goals for 2019, take some time to reflect on your 2018 goals. Maybe you even wrote them down and can go back and look at what they were. Did you reach them? How long did it take you to do so or how long before you gave up? What worked? What didn't work?

2. Dream Big. Don't just set small goals. Set big goals that you desire so deeply to reach. Once you've set your big goals, break them into mini goals. Dreaming of quitting your job in 2019? What mini goals will you need to accomplish in order to get that done? Will you need to find a new job? Start a side hustle biz? Break down your big goal into smaller goals and reach them step by step until you can crush that big one!

3. Write them down. It seems obvious to write down our goals but many of us don't. Which is part of the reason we never reach our goals. Writing down your goals will help to ensure that you don't forget them and you can be reminded of your goal often by re-reading it daily. Also write down the steps you will take to achieve this goal. Make sure you are clear and specific! Bonus if you write it down in multiple locations where you can easily see it. Post it notes stuck to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, desk, etc. Make it accessible and easy to see as a constant reminder to what you are working for.

4. Write down your why. Writing down a goal without a why is a wish. Writing down a goal with a why authentically connects you to that goal and drives you to obtain it. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds this year, why? Will losing 10 pounds help you move more freely? Help you feel better about yourself? Why do you want to lose weight? Write your why down along with your goal!

5. Do the work. Will it be easy to obtain your goal? Most likely not. Change doesn't happen without challenge. Accept that it will be hard, accept that it will be challenging, then put in the work and make it happen!

Ready to get started! Click the link below to grab your free goal setting worksheet then take some time to get those 2019 goals lined up!

Free Goal Setting Worksheet!

Happy New Year!!!!
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