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Another Awesome Year at IDEA WORLD!!!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

I just got back from IDEA World and WOW! What an awesome time! This was my fifth year attending and each year I leave excited to return again the following year. If you've never heard of IDEA World, it's the biggest health and fitness conference/expo in the world. People travel from all over to attend and it never disappoints. I could spend hours telling you all about everything I learned, ate, and enjoyed. Instead, I'm summing up a few of my top takeaways from my time at IDEA.

1. Nutrition is KEY for everyone!

An obvious one to many but in the past few years we've seen a change in health and fitness to include more of a focus on nutrition. This year there was an entire nutrition series that was featured at IDEA and I jumped on the chance to attend a few of those lectures. One in particular was led by John Berardi the founder of Precision Nutrition. He touched on the importance of eating whole foods regardless of what diet you may be on. Whether it be low carb, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting etc. the focus should be on fueling the body with good, clean foods and avoiding processed foods.

2. Working out should be fun and there are a TON of ways to make it fun for everyone!

Gosh I can't even begin to tell you how fun the workouts were! So many different ideas, tools and strategies to make working out fun and exciting for everyone! The common theme in all the workouts was getting people moving. Not everyone is going to like the same workout but there is a form of movement that pretty much everyone can like! As instructors, it's our jobs to learn different modalities and strategies to motivate and excite others to just move! I came back with a binder and toolbox full of ideas that I can't wait to share with my clients and readers! So stay tuned!

3. Digestion should be TOP priority in overall health and wellness. I was excited to join Registered Dietician, Ashley Koff's session all about digestion. She is SO passionate about her work and was such an amazing speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about digestion from her and was so disappointed when I had to sneak out early to catch my flight. A few takeaways from her session were:

- If our gut isn't working, our entire system is off. This could effect our sleep, mood, energy level, hormones, ability to lose weight, ability to gain muscle, and so much more!

- Probiotics are not a cure all! As Ashley says, "you can't just pop a probiotic for better digestion." Sure, probiotics are good for us but so are prebiotics, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids.

- As trainers and coaches, we should be assessing our clients digestion in order to best serve them. Love the resources she provided!

I'll do a more complete post on digestion soon as there is SO much to cover!

4. Resistance training is where it's at! While most people are jumping on board with resistance training, there's still a large percentage of people that are afraid of strength training. However, as Dr. Len Kravitz says, "we should all embrace it!" Especially women. In his extremely informative session on The Female Training Advantage, he discussed several studies that compared groups of individuals who dieted without strength training and without. One particular compared a group that followed the DASH diet with no resistance training and a group that followed the same diet WITH resistance training. The group with no resistance training lost only 2% body fat and lost 2.7% muscle. Those with resistance training lost 11.2% body fat and gained 1.3% muscle! Proof resistance training paired with a healthy diet can do wonders!

5. Fitness friends are the BEST! One of my favorite things about going to IDEA World year after year is that I get to reconnect with some friends I've met through the blogging world. This year I not only got to spend lots of time with my fellow Kaia coaches, but got to enjoy some quality time with my good friends Ashley and Heather. It's always so refreshing to chat with others who have similar interests and are as passionate about health and fitness as you are! Can't wait to connect with them again soon and to see them next year!

Kaia Sisters!!!

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