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Celebrate 4th of July Without falling Off Track

Have you noticed how most holidays revolve around food? Valentines it's all the chocolate, Thanksgiving - turkey and pie, Christmas ALL THE COOKIES and 4th of July barbecue, ice cream and drinks! Of course it's about being with family and friends but we tend to get excited to also enjoy specific foods on holidays and get togethers. Which is great! However, for many, holidays can be a stressful time because of the emphasis on food which can lead to derailment from our health goals.

We have a few options when it comes to holidays and events. Go in blind and hope for the best. Or go in with a plan of attack and come out feeling like a champion. The second one is what I plan to do and what I'm encouraging all my clients to do. So I'm sharing a few tips to get through this upcoming holiday, or any other event, and stick to your goals.

1. Start the day with a good workout. When you exercise, your body uses the calories you eat for fuel and to repair muscles. If you know you're going to indulge or eat foods higher in certain macronutrients, get in a good workout to utilize all that energy! Does that mean you workout then binge on ALL THE FOOD? Nope! Still focus on making healthy choices but by getting in a good workout that food will be put to good use.

2. Workout the day of but remember that you can't out-workout a bad diet. Meaning don't tell yourself that you can eat whatever you want because you'll just work it off the next day. THAT DOESN'T WORK!!!! Sure you can go to the gym the next day and you should, but you will not counteract what you choose to eat the day prior. Exercise before then focus on making good healthy choices while enjoying a FEW splurges. Then exercise the next day because you WANT to not because you feel like you HAVE to.

3. Be mindful throughout the entire day. Make healthy choices all day long always thinking ahead. If you know you want to eat bbq ribs and potato salad at dinner, eat a lighter lunch like a salad with grilled chicken. If you want to have ice cream or s'mores for dessert, keep your sugar and fat intake lower during the day. Plan ahead and be consistently mindful.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink as much water as you can before any festivities begin. Then during aim to drink 1 glass of water every hour. If you plan to partake in alcoholic beverages. Be sure to drink water in between each drink. This will help keep you hydrated, and will prevent you from feeling icky the next day.

5. Speaking of alcohol, stick to "healthier" options. Drinks that are loaded with sugar or fat will not only pack on the calories but are more likely to make you feel gross the next day. Choose clear or light drinks that don't have added sugar. Here's a recipe for a lighter margarita that's delicious and refreshing!

Paleo Margarita


  • 1 shot Blanco Tequila

  • Juice from 1 lime

  • Juice from 1 small orange or half a larger one

  • Club soda or sparkling mineral water


  1. In a shaker, mix together the tequila, lime juice and orange juice. Strain into a glass with ice and top with club soda or sparkling mineral water. Enjoy!

Bottom line enjoy the holiday but don't make it revolve around the food. Go in with a plan, spend time with friends and family and HAVE FUN!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing Fourth of July!!!!

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