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Finding Motivation To Workout at Home

So you're stuck at home and trying to find the motivation to get in your workouts while juggling your kiddos, housework, work, cooking meals etc. I SO get you! Exercising at home definitely takes a little more motivation than exercising at the gym. However, there are some big positives to staying home to get in your workouts.

A few are,

- You have the freedom to set your own schedule - no relying on studio schedules or gym hours.

- You can save over $200 a month depending on gym membership fees.

- You can find workouts that you enjoy and that work for you!

One downfall is that some find it a little bit harder to get motivated to workout at home. So here's a few tips to finding that motivation to exercise from the comfort of your own home!

- Find or create a workout program that will be fun and effective. There are a lot of programs available online. You can do free videos, find done for you workouts, or hire an online trainer (like me!) to create customized at home workout programs for you. Bottom line, find something that you will enjoy but that will help you get the results you desire.

- Create a schedule with workouts for each day you want to exercise. Don't be a "fly by your seat" at home exerciser. Know what you're going to do in advance and try to stick with it. You'll save time by having a plan and will be more likely to get it done.

- Create a dedicated space for your workouts - Your garage, a spare bedroom, a corner of your living room. Any space that you can dedicate to getting in your scheduled workouts. Set it up with a mat, some dumbbells, a resistance band etc. and leave it there so you don't have to put in extra work prior to your workout just to get started.

- Set your kids up with something to do during your workout time - Make this YOUR time each day by setting your kids up with an activity, a T.V. show, maybe even their own workout video to do while you do your workout. This will allow you to have a distraction free block of time for your and your goals!

- Find an accountability buddy - maybe you enlist a friend to text you each day to encourage you to get it in. Or your spouse to workout with you. Maybe you do a Zoom workout with a friend. Or maybe you join an online bootcamp (my at home workout and nutrition bootcamp kicks off on Monday!!!) to help keep you motivated. Having an accountability buddy can help you stay motivated and on track!

To help get you started, here's a fun one you can do from the comfort of your living room! No weight needed just find some space and have fun!

Remember, working out at home can be extremely effective when you just DO IT! Stop with the excuses and try these tips to help get you motivated to working on you and your goals!

If you need help with those goals, let's chat! I'd love to have you join my upcoming bootcamp which will include at home workouts, nutrition support, personalized macro goals, and a supportive community of women also working on similar goals plus so much more! Click here to learn more and sign up today!

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