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Let's Chat Results

About 6 weeks ago I set out to accomplish some goals. Tone up, lose a little body fat, and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I started carb cycling again and focused on being more consistent with my workouts.

While you don't see drastic changes in my before and after photos, I definitely noticed changes! Which you can see in my body composition progress as well.

2% decrease in body fat, slight increase in muscle mass, a few pounds lost. Plus so much more! I've noticed huge strength gains in the gym, my timed mile went from 8:10 to 7:03, my clothes are fitting better and I have a ton more energy. Results aren't always drastic. Results can be different for everyone but what matters is how we feel that's important. Carb cycling is the one thing I've found that will help me to get the specific results that I desire. To tone up, feel better, and get my nutrition on track without being restrictive. Through these past 6 weeks I still enjoyed vacations, plenty of rest days, any of the foods that I really wanted, and wine :-) Did I have to work hard? Yes! BUT what made it easier was having my bootcamp ladies to keep me motivated and supported!

Are you ready to see results? Looking for some support or motivation to help you reach your goals? There are just a few days left to join my last Carb Cycling Bootcamp of the year! Click here to register before time runs out! Last day to sign up is October 31st!

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