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My Health and Fitness story

Stories. We all have them right? Some of us have tougher stories than others. Some of us have been through major ups and downs while other maybe not. Regardless we all have a story or journey. My health and fitness story starts back in 6th grade. If I’m being honest with myself, it probably began before. I can remember being self conscious about my body much earlier on, but 6th grade was a turning point. This was the time I went from being a tomboy, playing sports and building forts with my brothers to wanting to be skinny, pretty, cool and popular. I discovered that if I didn’t eat, I got skinny, and felt like I fit in better. So began my path of anorexia and bulimia. This continued through high school, college and after. Once I started my career as a teacher, I managed to maintain a pretty slim physique by eating low calories, running, doing bootcamps, kickboxing, and cardio, cardio, cardio! When

I got pregnant with our first son, Ayden, in 2010 and I was terrified of gaining weight. My eating disordered ways crept back up and I spent the majority of my pregnancy being extremely careful about what I ate and running as much as I could. As soon as he was born, I was thinking about how I could lose the weight. I was out running and skimping on calories to drop those pounds as soon as I could. Which I managed to do pretty quickly but definitely not in a healthy manner. Unfortunately these unhealthy behaviors continued for a few years doing severe damage to my body.

Weighing 138 pounds but so unhealthy

On the outside I was skinny, in my head I thought I was fat on on the inside my body was screaming for help. I was tired, had low energy, was moody, got sick all the time, couldn't go from sitting to standing without nearly passing out and lost my period completely. When we started trying for our second child, I struggled to get pregnant for over a year and was eventually told I had hypothalamic amenorrhea. I needed to gain weight, stop working out as much, and do a major health overhaul. The next few years I went through multiple doctors, read article after article, book after book and spent thousands of dollars on alternative medicine (naturopaths, acupuncture etc.) to learn more about my body. Finally after 4 miscarriages, a failed IUI, and lots of tears I was finally able to carry a healthy baby to term. In 2016 our little rainbow baby Jax was born. I’m happy to say that through it all, I learned how important it is to take care of my body. Post-pregnancy (the second time around) I focused more on losing the weight in a healthy manner. It may have taken me longer but I did it and can honestly say I now feel better than I remember feeling in a VERY long time. I’ve learned so much about my body and just how important it is to nurture it, be kind to it, and respect it. I may weigh more than I did several years ago, but I feel better, I'm stronger, I no longer have dizzy spells, I have a normal menstrual cycle, I have a healthier immune system and I'm overall happier.

153 pounds, healthy, strong and happy!

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