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Three Things that Helped me Reduce my Stress and Anxiety

I know that stress and anxiety is a real thing for so many women. Personally I've dealt with it on many different levels. Recently, for several months, I was having some pretty intense anxiety issues that were causing me to have panic attacks. Thankfully I've done some work on reducing my stress and anxiety. I had a day recently that in the past would have caused me to spiral down a path of stress and anxiety. However, as I reflected on this crazy day that evening, I realized that there wasn't one time I felt anxious or stressed out of control. At every moment (even when my 3 year old fell off the kitchen counter while throwing a massive tantrum), I felt calm and in control of my emotions.

So I wanted to share a few things that I believe really helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety.

***Disclaimer. Even thought it goes without saying, just a reminder that I am not a doctor. I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach but not a nutritionist or a dietician. The following information is 100% my experience and own research.

How I reduced my stress and anxiety.

1 - Acknowledging that something was off. It’s easy to ignore things especially with our bodies. For awhile I would tell myself, "oh my heart beating out of my chest is nothing" or "it’s just normal to feel this way because I have kids." When I finally realized that it wasn’t normal and that something was off, I was able to take further steps to fix it. I think a lot of times women especially just chalk it up to being busy or our kids. BUT acknowledging there is something is off is the first step to actually fixing the problem.

2 - I asked for help. I’m pretty aware of my body and have a good amount of knowledge in women’s hormonal health. However, I’m not an expert. So in order to really help me understand more of what was going on with my health and to fix it, I reached out to someone who could help. Ali Damron is an acupuncturist and women health coach who has very extensive knowledge in hormone health. Over the past several months I’ve been working with her on balancing my hormones and healing my adrenals. It's been nice to not only have help from a specialist in this realm, but to talk with someone who can relate.

3 - I did the work, was patient, and trusted the process. Something I often tell my clients to do but is not always easy. If you want to see changes, you have to put in the work, be patient and trust the process. I listened to advice from others, did my homework (supplements, journaling, meditating) didn’t rush things and believed that things would get better.

I can honestly say that this past month especially, I’ve felt SO much better. I’ve had several situations where months ago I would have felt overwhelmed, stressed, even had panic attacks. BUT I’ve managed to stay even keeled, in control of my emotions, and much better overall.

My advice to you is if you are dealing with it is to acknowledge your emotions and that something isn’t right. Ask for help! Whether that be from a friend, a coach, a doctor asking for help is OK! Last, know that you won’t be better over night. Change takes time and effort. Put in the work, be patient and things will get better.

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