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tips to Surviving the Summer Barbecue

Oh summer, how I love your fun filled ways. Warm weather, no school, long days filled with swimming, adventures and lots of barbecues!!!!

All those barbecues can really catch up with you though. All the chips, dip, burgers, fries, ice cream sundae's, beers, and cocktails! All great and worth it at times but to enjoy them all over and over again all summer long can really add up. So here's a few tips to enjoying all the summertime fun without overdoing it.

1 - Bring your own foods. Always try to bring along one healthy option so you know you have something to enjoy that's healthy. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the other foods. Enjoy them in moderation but fill your plate up with your healthy option too!

2 - Speaking of loading your plate, fill it up with proteins and veggies! Steer clear of creamy side dishes, potato salads, etc. that can pack on the calories. Lean proteins, salads, grilled veggies fresh fruit... Yum! Load up on all of those and keep the others to a minimum.

3 - Skip the appetizers. Chips and dip are always a hit at summer barbecue's. They are delicious but can include TONS of sneaky calories. If you must snack pre-meal, aim to have fresh veggies, fresh fruits, and a lower calorie dip or salsa.

4 - Make the get together about the socializing not on the food. We tend to make parties about food and beverages. However, you should be able to enjoy yourself without overdoing it on the food aspect of the event. You can still have a GREAT time without shoving your face with food the whole time. Enjoy the company, laugh with friends, play with your kids and have fun without focusing in the foods.

5 - Get in a good workout the day of the barbecue or event. If you know you're going to be eating extra calories, train hard that day then focus on fueling your body with good healthy foods. If you start your day with a workout your mind will already be in health mode. So you'll be more likely to choose healthier foods and be refueling your body after you killed it in the gym.

There you have it! 5 tips to surviving all the summertime parties! Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer in a healthy, balanced way :-)

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