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What is Metabolic Training?

Have you heard of metabolic training? This form of training is, as it sounds, related to your metabolism. Metabolic training is a structured pattern of work and rest periods in order to maximize calorie burn by tapping into each energy pathways. Your body uses three different energy pathways based on the type of exercise you are doing and the amount of energy you need. When you utilize multiple energy pathways in one workout, you challenge your body resulting in more energy production and more calorie burn.


One huge benefit of Metabolic Training is that it can be time saving. A good metabolic workout can be as short as 5 minutes when done properly. These type of workouts also often offer a lot of variety which can make it more fun and exciting. As mentioned above, metabolic training utilizes all energy pathways which can help you increase strength, power and endurance. Of course since it's higher intensity it helps you to burn more calories during and after the workout.


Drawbacks will vary per individual but there are a few disadvantages. One being that it has a high rate of injury. This is because it causes fatigue which can lead to bad form often resulting in injury. It also leads to more muscle soreness from utilizing several muscle groups in one workout. You need to allow your body more rest between workouts in order to repair torn muscles. If enough rest is not given, it can also increase your risk of illness by lowering your immune system. So again, allowing enough rest between metabolic conditioning days is crucial!

So what does a Metabolic Workout look like?

Metabolic training is typically high volume and high intensity. Workouts that include maximum reps in a given amount of time with a shortened rest period in between. You may have heard of HIIT training which is a from of Metabolic Training as is Crossfit, Circuit workouts, or metabolic resistance training.

Here's a sample Metabolic Workout that is quick, fun and effective!

Warm up with any light cardio for 5 minutes followed by some dynamic stretching.

Workout -

5 Rounds 10 reps each move



Ball slams

Reverse lunge (2-1)


Complete as quickly as possible resting as needed. Follow with a 5-10 minute cool down and stretch.

Give it a try next time you are in the mood for a fun Metabolic Workout!

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