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What you should eat and how you should workout based on your Genetic Makeup

We all know that we are each made up of different genes that are passed on to us by our parents. Did you know that your genetic make up can actually affect how you eat, what you should eat, and how you workout? What if you knew exactly what types of workouts were best for you? Or that you were prone to overeating because of your genes? Or that you were more at risk of developing diabetes? Or that your based on your genes you need to take extra Vitamin B12? Guess what? You can know all this and more!

Fitness Genes is a genetic testing and analysis company that takes your DNA (via a simple at home saliva sample), and DNA and genetic traits. They then analyze it, and send you an in depth personal look into your genetic make up. They also give you a personalized workout, nutrition and lifestyle program genetically tailored to you and you only!

Here's a little more information about what they do and the process.

My husband and I recently received our results and both found it extremely informative. Also very beneficial to our exercise, nutrition and lifestyle!

A few key take aways for me were:

Workouts -

Based on my genetic makeup, I can workout 4-5 days a week combining resistance training with cardiovascular training. That I should perform reps in a medium rep range at a fast paced tempo and allow for 90-120 seconds of rest between sets.

Nutrition -

I would do best with a mediterranean style diet high in protein and whole grains. That I have a naturally good response to fats in my diet specifically via monounsaturared fats but should keep my saturated below 12% of my daily intake. Also to get 27-31 grams of fiber per day. Since I'm more likely to be lactose intolerant I should stick to plant based protein and protein powders over dairy based. I should focus on consuming more Omega-3's over Omega-6's and spread my protein intake fairly evenly throughout the day.

Lifestyle -

As far as lifestyle I discovered that I would benefit from taking a few additional supplements. Beta Alanine for performance recovery

Betaine for to lower homocysteine levels optimizing your blood flow

Magnesium when endurance or HIIT training

L-methylfolate supplementation may increase folate levels, helping to optimize blood flow

Vitamin B12 and B2 to fight fatigue and help maintain healthy homocysteine levels

Also that I'm a slow caffeine metabolizer so it stays in my system longer meaning I need less.

Again, I found this information to be extremely informative and helpful in learning about what types of workouts I should be doing, how I should be eating and what supplements I should be taking. I think it could benefit so many and it's amazing that there's a company that can break it down for us in terms we can understand. Not only that, but they will customize workout and nutrition plans just for you based on your genes! Pretty cool!

Even cooler is that they gave me an additional test to giveaway to one of you! Head on over to my Instagram account to watch my video with a preview of my results and details on how to enter!

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