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Live a balanced healthy life and watch how much more you love yourself. Check out the programs below to help you live more fully. Meanwhile stay connected through my blog and social channels, where I will encourage and support you every step of the way! We are in this together!

—Giselle Schroer

I'd Love To Work With You!


Are you struggling to lose weight? 


Confused on what or when to eat? 


Tired of trying diet after diet only to end up back in the same place? 


Having a hard time staying motivated to workout? 


Trying to navigate the equipment at the gym and feeling overwhelmed with how to workout? 

Looking for guidance and support on your health journey?

Let's Chat!

Working with me you...
Gain an understanding about basic nutrition​
Learn how to balance your macronutrients for you body
Learn about serving sizes and what is appropriate for you
Adapt sustainable healthy eating habits that will stick with you for the long run
Become confident while grocery shopping and restaurant dining
Obtain freedom from food restriction and eat what you want without feeling guilty
Learn how to go from tracking macros to intuitively eating to best fuel your body while enjoying foods you like to eat
Learn how to exercise to best benefit your body
Develop an understanding of movements that are beneficial to your everyday life
Gain an understanding on strength training
Receive a customized workout program developed only for you, no cookie cutter programing
Break through workout plateaus by pairing exercise with proper nutrition 
Feel confident in the gym or while exercising at at home 
Learn how to apply what you learn to your everyday life
Feel confident with your nutrition and/or exercise 
Receive support, accountability, adjustments, feedback and a relationship with a certified coach who is there to help you create lifelong habits.  No quick fix! 
Obtain tools to help you navigate health and nutrition that will stick with you for the long run!

Ready to Change your Life!?!

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