Before & After, Melissa

"I loved this experience - it has helped me change my relationship with food. I no longer have daily cravings for sweets and when I do have something sweet, I'm satisfied within a few bites. I never once felt deprived or like I was on a 'diet'. I'm lifting more in my workouts and my clothes are fitting so much better. I loved having Giselle as a coach and our accountability group helped me stay motivated and on track. Can't wait until the next boot camp!"


“I feel and look so much better after completing this program with Giselle! I dropped one whole pant size, dropped two inches from my waist and hips, and most importantly I am clear headed and sleeping well! I plan to continue using all the tools and knowledge I learned with Giselle and her boot camp! Thank you Giselle!” 


“I‘m so happy I joined this challenge. It made me so aware of what I was putting into my mouth. I learned to balance my macros and realized I don't have to deprive myself of things I like I just have to use moderation. I feel better, my clothes fit better, and I'm feeling  more comfortable in my own skin.”  


“Found eating Macros to be much easier then " dieting" I found once I learned what had the most fats that I liked to consume daily I would just use in moderation and even it out with protein. My clothes fit better and I'm enjoying working out again.” 

Before & After, Carissa

"In truth, nutrition has always been a mental struggle for me and I’m sure I will still experience my share of frustrations with unhealthy cravings and emotional eating. Thanks to Giselle’s guidance, I feel I’m better equipped to not only rebound from missteps but to ultimately minimize the impact they have on my motivation.  

Thank you for being such a patient and transparent teacher and mentor Giselle! I can’t say enough good things about your program and your approach to online coaching. You have a gift, thank you for sharing it!"


“My goals were for my clothes to fit more comfortably and to learn about and understand macro nutrients. I'm happy to say both were accomplished with some special one on one help from our great coach Giselle! Thanks so much Giselle! You're an inspirational coach and I enjoyed seeing all the posts from the group- a great way to help stay on track👍”